Yeah, I lied…

April 1, 2010 at 8:16 pm (Baby making)

I said I wasn’t going to go crazy with TTC… That lasted about 2 weeks.  I’m now temping and charting, and I bought HPTs in bulk.  Yeah, really.  Every morning, I wake up super early and take my temperature before I so much as blink.  Apparently, the hormones associated with certain parts of the cycle make your body temperature slightly lower or higher different times of the month.  I use a website called Fertility Friend to keep track of all this as well as when we BD, when AF (Aunt Flo, the monthly gift, menses, whatever you want to call it) shows, etc.  The whole point is to be able to track down when I’m most likely to ovulate so we can time our “efforts” accordingly.  For some reason, I really just have this fear that this is going to take a while.  I figure, why waste time not knowing what’s really going on?

There are places online you can buy cheap HPTs like the ones doctors’ offices use.  I bought 25 of them.  Yup.  Sure did.  Even though I’m not looking forward to seeing the BFNs (Big Fat Negatives), I’m actually really looking forward to obsessively taking tests every morning until I get that BFP (Big Fat Positive) or AF rears her ugly head.

I’m crazy.  I know it.  It’s okay!


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