Happy Mother’s Day!

May 10, 2010 at 5:49 am (Family)

Toady is Mother’s Day.  I know it’s generally a Hallmark holiday, but it’s always nice to have a reminder that not only am I actually a mom, but I learned everything I know about being a mom from one of the best.  My mom is an amazing woman.  All through my childhood, she was there for everything, she knew all my teachers and friends, she kept up on every sport I participated in and was always by my side to cheer me up.  I can only hope to be half the mother she is; not only is she my mom, she’s my friend.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer six years ago.  Luckily, a routine mammogram caught it very early.  She had an outpatient procedure to remove the lump and went through a round of radiation.  Today, she’s healthy and we’re so lucky to still have her here with us.  I’m so glad that Junior gets to grow up with a close relationship with his grandma.

To celebrate Mother’s Day today, we met my parents at a local greasy spoon for breakfast and ate way too much.  After we came home, Junior and I passed out from food coma while Hubs and our friend did yard work.  Then, I went and did my own Mother’s Day shopping.  Hubs knew I wanted a new purse, so he sent me out to shop ALONE (gasp!) to pick it out.  He (the man who doesn’t cook) actually cooked me dinner too.  Maybe it wasn’t a glamorous Mother’s Day, but it was great.

To all my mommy friends out there, I hope you truly enjoyed your Mother’s Day.  To everybody, if you haven’t already, give your mom a hug (or at least a phone call) and tell her you love her!


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Still trying…

May 7, 2010 at 4:57 pm (Baby making)

I got myself so convinced, last month, that I was going to get pregnant right away, that not getting pregnant was kind of a blow.  I kept telling myself that I shouldn’t expect it, but I did and I felt pretty let down.  This month, we’re still trying, but we’re taking things easier.  I put the HPTs and thermometer away.  I think our timing was good, but we’re in the two week wait at this point.  I’ve decided not to test until Sunday the 23rd unless AF shows up before that.  I want to test on a Sunday morning when Hubs is home with me.  We’ll see what happens on the 23rd!

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A note to Junior…

May 7, 2010 at 4:47 pm (Junior)

My dear, sweet son, as thrilled as I am with your potty progress, it’s really not necessary to pee on the potty 65416546 times a day. I know you love the excitement and praise, but Mommy gets a little tired of cleaning out your potty chair that many times. Also, if you insist on going that many times a day, can we not flush the potty every single time? If you insist on flushing 65416546 times a day, I will be adding the additional charges from the water bill to your total tab.

As far as your tab, you’re welcome to begin repayment upon your 18th birthday, however, if you’d prefer to begin repayment after you graduate from medical school, you may. There will be additional interest accrued during this time.

Love, Mommy

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