A note to Junior…

May 7, 2010 at 4:47 pm (Junior)

My dear, sweet son, as thrilled as I am with your potty progress, it’s really not necessary to pee on the potty 65416546 times a day. I know you love the excitement and praise, but Mommy gets a little tired of cleaning out your potty chair that many times. Also, if you insist on going that many times a day, can we not flush the potty every single time? If you insist on flushing 65416546 times a day, I will be adding the additional charges from the water bill to your total tab.

As far as your tab, you’re welcome to begin repayment upon your 18th birthday, however, if you’d prefer to begin repayment after you graduate from medical school, you may. There will be additional interest accrued during this time.

Love, Mommy


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