Holy Lines!

July 1, 2010 at 5:30 pm (Baby making)

It’s official!  I’m knocked up!  Ok, so I’ve known for over a week, but I figured I should probably tell a few people in real life before I blabbed the news to the whole world.  I was so sure I was out for this month.  I tested on Sunday the 20th (CD 30) and it was stark white.  I started getting some cramps that night and I was sure AF was on her way.  That Tuesday, she hadn’t shown up yet, so I decided to test again.  BFP!  I was so mentally unprepared for it.

I used a due date calculator and figured out that with my due date could be as early as 2/28, if it was a 31 day cycle, but since I didn’t even get a BFP until CD32, I think my due date will probably get pushed back once I see the doctor.  So there you go, that’s the news!  I’m preggo!


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