Getting excited…

July 5, 2010 at 6:58 pm (Deuce)

It’s finally setting in that I’m pregnant.  I’m really starting to get excited about it.  I’ve been putting together a registry (I know, I’m crazy!) and dreaming about all the things I want to buy.  What I’m actually really excited about this time is cloth diapering.  I started getting into cloth when Junior was about a year old.  Hubs was a Stay-At-Home-Dad at the time (ie. unemployed) and he hated dealing with the cloth, so we bagged it.  Now that Junior is almost completely out of diapers, I think I’m going to give up on cloth for him, but I can’t wait to see the new baby in fluff!  It’s a little overwhelming figuring out what I want, etc.  Prefolds, all-in-ones, covers, snappis?  I think I want to just start with prefolds with covers until we can get a chance to figure out what fits best on this baby.  Then again, I may just go crazy and buy a million things right off the bat!

Those of you who have or are currently CDing, what’s your advice?  Particularly, those who have CD’ed newborns, what helped you the most?  And what products did you like best?

Oh, and by the way, I’ve already dubbed this baby with a nickname… here on out, the peanut will be known as “Deuce” (as in, the second child).



  1. Karina said,

    congratulations on the pregnancy! we did cloth with cameron for a few months when he was a baby. we did prefolds with snappis and covers. we used a service because i didnt want to deal with washing them since we lived in an apartment. we didnt do it for too long because the diaper service was more expensive than buying disposables every month and they were so bulky it was hard to get his clothes to fit right. i have about 8 (i think) covers that you can have if you would like. i think most of them are bummis super whisper wrap. they are all size medium and fit 15-30lbs. i also have some pins, snappis, and a handful of unbleached indian prefolds. let me know if you are interested


    • Mom said,

      That would be fabulous! We need to get together some time anyway.

  2. Sara Finch said,

    We love just prefolds and Proraps covers. They’re not fancy or exciting, but they do a great job, and they’re cheap! We also have about 20 Mommy’s Touch one-size, all-in-ones that we really like, but I recommend the snaps over the velcro. They both work nicely for newborns, although I’ve never have a small newborn. 😉 We really like Rockin’ Green detergent ( for diapers; it’s awesome!!

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