Getting Junior ready…

July 6, 2010 at 1:03 am (Deuce, Junior)

Now that we know there’s a new baby on the way, I’m not sure how to express it to Junior.  We talk about babies and when we see one, I tell him there’s a baby in Mommy’s tummy.  I know it’s still super early, I just want him to have as much time as possible to adjust to the idea.  Maybe this will all make more sense to him when I’m actually showing (although, I could try to pass off the spare tire as a baby bump… he wouldn’t know, right?).  Maybe we should look for some books about becoming a big brother or something.  He’s generally pretty easy going, but he’s also very close to Hubs and I.  I’m pretty torn as to whether I think he’s going to adjust easily or really have trouble with the changes.

My other big debate is what to do with their rooms.  Right now, Junior has the larger of the two extra bedrooms (besides the master).  It’s not that much bigger, and the closet is a little larger.  The smaller room still has a good sized closet, but it also has two large built in cupboards (one above the other, floor to ceiling).  They’re narrowish (like 20-24 inches wide probably) and about 3 ft deep.  I think they’d be great for stashing Junior’s toys in, but I don’t know what else they’d be good for as they’re kind of an awkward shape.

I could paint and decorate the smaller room and put a twin bed in there.  When it’s all ready, we could make a big deal about Junior’s new Big Boy room.  Or, we could keep him in the same room and just switch out the crib/toddler bed for his new twin bed.  I’m just not sure.  I want to make the transition early so he doesn’t associate the change with Deuce too much or feel like Deuce is taking away anything from him.  For his room, there will be his bed and his play kitchen (his dresser is stashed in the closet since there’s hardly anything hanging).  Deuce’s room will have a crib, changing table and rocking chair (the dresser will also be in the closet for him/her too).  All of those things can fit in the smaller room, but it might be a bit of a squeeze.

What do you think?  Should we try the “Big Boy Room” route or keep him in the same room?


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