Things not to say to a pregnant woman…

July 12, 2010 at 4:19 am (Random rantings)

I’m sure there will be multiple installments of this over the coming months, but one thing is already driving me nuts.

Don’t EVER ask a woman if her pregnancy was an ACCIDENT!

I’ve already had this asked of me a couple times, I’ve heard other moms asked this in the past, and I was asked this countless times when I was pregnant with Junior.  What is that all about?  What gives random people the right to question the circumstances of a child’s conception?

“Wow, was that planned?”  “Was it planned or an accident?”  “Were you guys trying?”  “Are congratulations in order?”  “Should I say congrats or Oh, S**T?”  Yeah, those are all real examples.  The last was from an uber-religious guy I was in culinary school with when I found out I was expecting Junior.

Junior was a surprise, not an accident.  There’s a BIG difference.  Misplacing twenty bucks: Accident.  Finding it in your pocket a week later: Surprise.  Going on a date with a total jerk: Accident.  Meeting the man of your dreams: Surprise.  Crashing your car: Accident.  Winning the lottery: Surprise.


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