Things they don’t tell you…

July 21, 2010 at 5:39 am (Random rantings)

There’s lots of things about pregnancy that NOBODY mentions… until you’re knocked up.  But I’ll tell you, because I have no shame like that.  Let’s start with a really fun one.  Constipation.  If pregnancy doesn’t back you up, the prenatal vitamins probably will.  Luckily now, you can get prenatals with stool softeners.  A great choice if you ask me.

Exhaustion and insomnia.  Besides the fact you’ll be more tired than you’ve ever been, there will be nights that you just can’t sleep.  I hate those nights.  The nights you’re falling asleep on the couch then you crawl in bed looking forward to a great night’s sleep.  Nothing.  You watch the clock tick.  I wish I had an answer for this one and I just don’t.  I’ve tried tons of things and haven’t figured it out.

Excessive trips to the bathroom.  You hear about it, but you have no idea.  I’ve never been one to wake up in the middle night to pee, but I don’t think I’ve slept solidly since I got my BFP.  And I always need to go at the most inconvenient times throughout the day.  Can someone please explain to my bladder that needing to run to the bathroom 84 times a day is really not fun?

I’m sure there’s a million things coming up in the next few months that will be just as much fun, but hopefully it will be just like my pregnancy with Junior.  When all is said and done, I’ll have one heck of a cute kid and I’ll forget about all the annoying things I went through to get there.


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