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August 3, 2010 at 4:45 am (Deuce, Family, Junior)

Junior is stinkin’ amazing.  He just blows me away.  He can read all of his letters by name, upper and lower case, and knows the sounds of all of them too.  Although, occasionally, he’ll goof up a sound here and there, but hey, he’s two and a half.  That’s way more than I ever would have expected at this age, especially considering he was screened for autism a year ago.  We bought him a cute little bowling set last week and he LOVES it.

On Saturday, while I was at work, my brother and his family came over to the house.  When they were leaving, Junior was so upset, my sister-in-law asked if he wanted to spend the night.  Of course, he said yes.  They have two girls, one will be 7 in a couple of months, the other is just 6 weeks older then Junior, and he loves to spend time with them.  Then, last night, the girls came here to stay the night.  It was the first time they’ve stayed over here and it was great.  The kids were so tired, they went right to sleep.  This morning we all went to a park about 30 miles away to meet with my moms’ group.  We had a fabulous time.  I love the group and the kids did fantastic, but they were pretty over-tired by the time we left (let’s be honest, I was too!).  I’m really looking forward to having them stay over again.

Hubs’ job is still about the same.  Not enough pay, but a lot of overtime.  The thing that really stinks to me is the fact that there seems to really be no opportunity to move up.  I’d love for him to find something new, but I guess, we’ll just wait and see.

Deuce has been super rough on me.  I never had morning sickness with Junior, but this kid is making me feel like poo.  I’m so not digging this.  I really hope it passes soon.  And I’m exhausted.  Not tired, but seriously exhausted.  By the time Junior is in bed, I’m pooped, but of course, I’m usually hungry again by then.  Since I can only eat a little bit at a time, I’m hungry again in an hour.  Hubs has been quick to point out that I haven’t exactly been a joy this last month, but I swear, I’m trying to cut back the SuperWitch attitude.

I won’t get to see Deuce again for another week at my next ultrasound.  I’m still pretty sure that we’re just talking about Deuce, not Deuce and Tres, but we’ll see what happens!  Then again, at 9 weeks, I only have one pair of jeans that still fits.  I’m about to have to make the official move into maternity clothes.

Well, that’s about all the news for now!


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