Life, love and preggo hormones!

August 31, 2010 at 6:10 am (Uncategorized)

In the last few days, a few friends have asked about how Hubs and I met, so then I got a little sappy.  Now, I’m going to share with the virtual world!  Once upon a time, in a land far far away… wait, wrong story…

When I was 18, my best friend starting dating this guy.  Bestie starting telling me about his roommate and saying we’d be so “perfect”.  Since her previous dating suggestions were a little far off, and this guy was 10 years older than me, I declined.  For about a year, I blew her off every time she encouraged me to meet him.  Then came December 31st, 2003.  Bestie fought me tooth and nail to go with her to a New Year’s party at her boyfriend’s house.  I wasn’t a partier, I didn’t drink, and I hated being “Party Mom” all the time, but I went anyway.  Around 10 or so, this guy walks in the door in grubby work clothes; work boots, faded black carpenter jeans (that just happened to be from the same retail store I worked in), a hooded sweatshirt and a beanie.  But, he was still cute.

We started talking and it turned out he was the old roommate.  Even though he didn’t live there anymore, he would bring his dog over to that house while he worked.  He’d just gotten off work and was swinging by to pick up the dog before going to another friend’s party.  We chatted for a while and I thought I was hot stuff in my heeled boots, tight jeans, black shirt, corduroy jacket and cute belt.  Bestie, who was very drunk by this time, decided to nose her way in several times and encourage our conversations.  After about half an hour or so, he said he needed to leave to get ready for the other party he was going to.  He said he’d come back to grab the dog on his way to the other party.  His friends all said “ah, he won’t come back.  He’s got his new cooler buddies to hang out with!”  Apparently, since he’s moved out of that house, he hadn’t been hanging out with those guys much.

He came back.  I happened to spend the first few minutes of his 30th birthday with him  We talked until about 1, but I had to go home to get to bed.  I had to work in the morning.  I lost any nerve I’d gotten and couldn’t bring myself to leave him my number.  I left kicking myself.  For a week, I bugged my friend to find out if he was interested in me.  Finally, she gave me his number.  It took me a few more days to gather the nerve to call him.  That’s right, I called him.  It was January 12th, 2004.  Our first date was that Friday, the 16th.

From there on out, we were inseparable.  In the last 6+ years, we’ve only gone a handful of days without seeing each other.  At the time, I wasn’t looking for anything serious.  I was supposed to move in March for a promotion with the company I was working with.  I told him I was getting ready to move out of state.  Maybe that’s why dating was so easy for us.  I think we both thought it was casual and didn’t stress about it.  In the end of February, my boss asked if I was ready for my big move.  Right then and there, I told him I wasn’t going, that I couldn’t walk away from what we had going.  My boss asked if I was sure and wished me the best.

I can’t imagine now how my life would have been different if I hadn’t turned down that promotion, if I hadn’t taken that chance on love.  Maybe it’s the preggo hormones, but I’ve been reminiscing a lot lately.  About where we’ve come from, what we’ve been through and where we might be another 6 years from now.  As much as he drives me nuts, he’s an amazing guy and one heck of a great dad.  What can I say, I love the guy!

And, for what it’s worth, this is the dog that brought us together!

I miss Dodger so much!  It’s been almost 2 years since he’s gone to doggy heaven and I’m still convinced that no other dog could ever compare to him!


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