I know, I suck!

January 12, 2011 at 6:43 am (Uncategorized)

I totally fell off the blogging bandwagon, but working, having a three year old, and being preggo keeps me so busy.  I just haven’t made the time to sit down and write about my life.  I’m now just over 32 weeks pregnant and I’m starting to feel like a beached whale.  I have actually been really happy with the amount of weight I’ve gained.  But I still feel huge.  As of my last appointment at just over 30 weeks, I’ve only gained 6 pounds.  Given that I’m not exactly a thin girl, my doctors are very happy about where I’m at.  With 10 weeks to go (as of that point), if I continued to gain a pound a week, I’d end up gaining a total of 16 pounds.  Pretty darn close to the 15 pound goal I had.  My OBs still think I’m a great candidate for the VBAC.  They want me to have an ultrasound at 36 weeks to measure how big he is, but as long as he hasn’t flipped, they’re happy for me to continue my plans of going for a VBAC.

Woo Hoo!

Deuce is one heck of an active baby.  I think he’s either half octopus or I should go ahead and enroll him in gymnastics now.  I’m not sure how else it would be possible for him to kick so many different areas unless he’s got extra limbs or is quite flexible.  I’ve been having tons of Braxton-Hicks contractions.  I’m really hoping that they’re getting my body nice and geared up for an easy labor.  HA!  Well, it’s a nice thought anyway!

Junior is three now.  He’s an amazing kid.  He’s fully potty trained, except at night, and a total joy to be around.  He totally cracks me up.  One of his new favorite phrases is “uh, I’m not so sure…”  He loves Knock, Knock jokes and I think he’ll still be singing Jingle Bells next Thanksgiving!  He can read all of his letters and knows the sounds most of them make.  So, now we’re getting ready to start with writing them.  And he’s just so freaking cute!

Hubs is wonderful and I can’t wait to see him with our next baby.  I know he’s super excited to be a daddy again.  My house is about to be even more blue!

Sorry guys!  I promise I’ll try and update more regularly!


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