Reflux sucks!

April 29, 2011 at 10:42 pm (Deuce)

It took until Deuce was 9 weeks old to realize that all of his crying wasn’t just some evil plan to drive me crazy.  Poor kid was in pain.  It took me a while to piece together when he was crying compared to eating, spitting up, etc.  It honestly makes me feel horrible.  There were these moments where I’d be silently cursing his screams, thinking what could you possibly want?, days where I wanted to just let him cry so I could shower in peace.  And all along, my baby was actually in pain.  God, I wish there was a way he could have just told me.

He’s been on Zantac for a week now and there’s been such a difference.  He’s still nowhere as easy as his big brother was as a baby, but much better than a few weeks ago.  He’s happier, more smiley, and sleeps better.  Ah and those smiles.  They’ll melt your heart.


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