More than a playgroup, but not quite a preschool…

May 12, 2011 at 10:02 pm (Junior)

I want to be hands on with Junior’s education.  I want to be a part of the foundation of his learning.  It’s incredibly important to me to help shape and understand how he learns.  I’m not sure I’m cut out to be a full on homeschooler, but I think for the preschool years, I’m going to take on Junior’s education.

And here’s my thought.  I call it “mini-school”.  I’m hoping to find a group of local moms who feel the same way I do, so that we can work together to teach our kids.  This is how it would work in my dream world.  I’d spend this summer setting up a curriculum.  Starting in September, with a group of maybe 6 kids, Mini-school will start.  Two to three days a week, the moms and their children would come over and start out with a little free play, then the Mini-school kids will head to the kitchen table while another mom supervises the other kids playing in another room.  Myself and the remaining moms will all work together teaching that day’s lessons: things like letter recognition, early reading, beginning math, science experiments, art and music. During free play, stories, and snacks, the younger kids will be encouraged to participate.

Essentially, each mom will be in charge of “homeschooling” her own child, but we’ll do it as a group.  Moms with strengths in certain areas will hopefully step up to lead the appropriate lessons.  As supplies are needed, a request will go out to the group.  Whomever is available to fill that need will.

Right now, this is all a dream, but I’d love to see it come to reality.  I’d love to join forces with other local moms and take charge of the first years of my child’s education.  Would you do it?


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