Shoot… now I’m that mom

June 19, 2011 at 2:18 am (Uncategorized)

Hubs and Junior love to wrestle and play fight.  Until recently it’s all been in good fun.  But now, my sweet, mild mannered, loving Junior is the group hitter.  Yesterday at a playdate he ran up and hit a little boy out of nowhere.  I knew exactly where he got it from.  That’s the game he and Hubs play; when one of them isn’t looking, the other play hits him.  Kinda cute when it’s father and son.  Toddler on toddler isn’t so cute.  I made him go apologize and explained that it’s a game that he only plays with Daddy.

Today, we were at a going away party and I hear a kid in the playroom scream.  I knew it wasn’t Junior’s cry, but given what happened yesterday, I went running.  The crier was pointing at Junior and I knew what was up.  When he realized he was busted, he started to cry and wouldn’t answer me.  Turns out, the other boy was playing with a ball.  Junior wanted it, so he hit him.

This isn’t my sweet little boy.  I sort of blew of yesterday’s incident as a game played at the wrong time, but hitting out of aggression is a whole different story.  Not that either situation is ok, but at least what happened yesterday wasn’t meanness intended to hurt someone.  Of course, I made him apologize and removed him from the situation.  After we left, we had a talk.  He even said, “hitting people is not a great choice to make friends.”  I know he gets it, but what’s the deal?  Now he’s that mean kid and I’m that mom.  Crap.  I guess it’s time for some real parenting.


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