Dollar store organization

September 17, 2012 at 5:48 pm (Uncategorized) ()

After cleaning out my cupboards of all the junk that’s accumulated over the last 4 years, and stocking up on stuff from the grocery store’s bulk section, my cupboards looked as messy as they did before. I entertained the idea of pretty glass containers for everything. Then I remembered my budget and the fact that glass breaks. Scratch that. I’m to cheap frugal for that. Dollar store time!

I found packages of 3 3 cup containers and packages of 4 1.5 cup bowls. Score. I also got a cute little set of mini rectangular pail things. The containers are perfect for all the goodies I buy in bulk now like almond meal, bran, beans, lentils, etc. The little pails are great for storing the bags of things I buy in tiny amounts or don’t use much.

Please excuse the ipadography, but here’s some photographic evidence of the organization.



I highly recommend checking out your nearest dollar store for your next organizing project. I was really pleasantly surprised at all the containers, boxes and thingsmabobs I found there. The quality was better than I expected too.


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